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Port link status active without cable plugged in

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TitlePort link status active without cable plugged in

Link status active with only trispeed SFP plugged in and no cable attached.

After reboot the link comes up shortly and goes down again.

  • X670V-48x
  • EXOS 15.4 or higher
  • 10/100/1000 UTP SFP (TriSpeed SFP)
This is caused by CR xos0061167. 
This happens the first time the SFP is detected.
You might see below event message after reboot:
  • The configuration for the BASET optic module is not correct - please configure port <port> for auto-negotiation On and speed 1000
Short term resolution is to unplug the SFP and plug it back in. 
A reboot should prevent the link from coming up next time.
Downgrade to 15.3 is a solution, the problem is not seen in the 15.3 release.

When a fixed release for xos0061167 is available upgrade to the fixed release.
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