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Port mirror fails if policy mirror exists 150 class S-series

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TitlePort mirror fails if policy mirror exists 150 class S-series
Port mirror status non-functional if policy mirror is active.
  • S-Series
  • 150 class
  • port mirror
  • policy mirror
  • mirror-n
  • Purview 
  • The 150 class S-series hardware allows a single instance of mirror on any given traffic.Courier New
  • Policy mirror is highest priority.  If configured with multiple types of mirrors, policy mirror will be active, other mirror types will be inactive.
  • If configured with multiple policy mirrors, the highest priority policy will have its mirror applied, the other policy mirror is not allowed.
  • Configuration guide explicitly states: If a source port is associated with both a port mirror and a policy mirror destination, the policy mirror destination takes precedence over the port mirror
Remove the conflicting port mirror
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