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BigIron RX-xx: CHASSIS: "Power x: Installed (Failed)"

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TitleBigIron RX-xx: CHASSIS: "Power x: Installed (Failed)"
  • Power supply failure
  • Show chassis output reflects the power supply unit (PSU) as faulty
#show chassis 
*** BigIron RX-16 CHASSIS ***

---POWERS ---
Power 1 (32006000 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 2 (32006000 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 3 (32006000 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 4 (32006000 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 5 (32006000 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 6: Installed (Failed)
Power 7 (32006000 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 8 (32006000 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Total power budget for chassis = 8400W
Total power used by base system = 762W
Total power used by LPs = 2238W
Total power available = 5400W

  • Big Iron RX-8 
  • Big Iron RX-16
  • Power supplied to PSU is faulty
  • PSU not seated correctly
  • PSU hardware failure
  1. Check external power supplied to the PSU is on
  2. Check external power supplied to the PSU is not faulty
  3. Reseat the PSU and cable
  4. Contact Extreme Networks GTAC for troubleshooting
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