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Problems Upgrading T5 Switch

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TitleProblems Upgrading T5 Switch
T5 Switch fails to upgrade.  Some failure examples are:
  • Message "Failed Image" when upgrading the T5 switch
  • "Bad URL" message when upgrading the T5 switch
  • Upgrade fails after reaching 9%
  • T5 PowerBroadband Switch
  • TS-524
  • PBN
  • Private Broadband Networks
  • T5 Switch
Possible Causes of firmware upgrade failures
  • Incompatible Browser
  • Incompatible TFTP/FTP server
  • Trying to use "anonymous" user for FTP upgrade
  • Special characters in the FTP username or password
  • Incorrect path to firmware file or Incorrect filename
  • Firewall issue on the TFTP/FTP server PC
  • Corrupted image file
  • Trying to use the TW5XX image to upgrade the T5 switch (must use the TS524 image)
When problems are encountered, it is recommended that the CLI be used in order to avoid browser compatibility issues. Additionally, there were bugs in earlier T5 firmware versions that may be resolved once you are on the latest firmware.  The best way to avoid the earlier upgrade bugs is to use the CLI with a TFTP server.

T5 Switch Upgrade using the CLI
Below are examples of T5 upgrade using the CLI.  Both TFTP and FTP examples are given for upgrade commands.
For clarity, this example will use the following IP addresses / Environment (modify commands to match your IP addresses, paths and filenames):
T5 Switch =
TFTP / FTP Server =
Download directory for the TFTP / FTP Server is C:\tftp_boot\
For FTP, username = user and password = pass
Firmware file is TS524- and is located in the tftp_boot directory, which is the root download directory for the TFTP/FTP server. 
Commands are in italics

Step 1:  Make sure you can ping the TFTP / FTP server from the T5 switch.  Command: ping
If ping is unsuccessful, check network connectivity and PC firewall settings.

Step 2:  Assuming ping is successful, use the following commands to start the upgrade:
upgrade tftp://

upgrade ftp://user:pass@

The filename is case sensitive, so make sure "TS" and "R" are upper case, and "img" is lower case.
If the image file is in a subdirectory of your download directory, add the subdirectory to the path. 
Example: Assume file is in C:\tftp_boot\T5-images\ and your server download directory is set to C:\tftp_boot\, the command would be: 
upgrade tftp://
upgrade ftp://user:pass@

Step 3: Monitor the upgrade progress.  Run the command a few times to make sure the upgrade gets past 9% (file upload portion). Command:
sho boot

If the upgrade fails, go to Troubleshooting section below.

Step 4: Once upgrade is complete (100%), you have 2 options, depending on your circumstances:
     Option A) Boot the secondary image to load the new firmware, then proceed to CPE upgrade.
     Option B) Upgrade CPEs before booting the T5 switch to the new version.

Advantages to Option A:
Newer T5 switch firmware has improvements and bug fixes to the CPE upgrade process, so booting to the new T5 switch code prior to upgrading the CPEs may be beneficial.  The newer T5 firmware caches the TW5XX firmware file and upgrades all CPEs using the cached file instead of using a separate download for each CPE.
Disadvantages to Option A:
The property may be sensitive to the downtime required by booting the T5 switch (3-5 minutes downtime) and then having to reboot the CPEs (another 3 minutes of downtime).
If the CPEs are running really old firmware, such as, the newer T5 switch firmware may have trouble linking to the CPE, making it impossible to upgrade the CPE.  If you run into that problem, simply boot the T5 switch back to the old firmware (old firmware will be in the secondary image bank), upgrade the CPEs and then boot both to new image.

Advantages to Option B:
Less downtime - single reboot of T5 switch.
If the CPE firmware is very old, they may have problems linking to newer T5 switch firmware
Disadvantages of Option B:
There were bugs in older T5 firmware versions that may be encountered while trying to upgrade the CPEs.
If upgrading CPEs directly from TFTP/FTP server (as opposed to copying the image file to the T5 file system), older switch firmware used a separate file download for each CPE upgrade instance.  So, if you were upgrading 24 CPEs simultaneously, you would have 24 separate file downloads from the TFTP/FTP server.  Newer T5 switch firmware caches the CPE upgrade file, so only 1 file download is used for all 24 CPEs.

Commands to boot the T5 switch to new image (be sure you have saved your configuration prior to reboot.  Command: write mem):
boot system secondary

Step 5: Verify new version is running, using command: sho boot

This article is designed to help with T5 switch upgrade.  Refer to the T5 Release Note to get instructions on CPE upgrade procedure.  You can get the Release Note here:

Download Fails immediately ("sho boot" never gets past 0%):
  • Make sure the T5 can ping the TFTP/FTP server.  Command: ping <IP Address of server>
  • Check the TFTP/FTP server path.  The configured TFTP/FTP download directory is considered "root", so should not be specified in the upgrade command path. (see upgrade example above)
  • Check the filename.  Image filename is case-sensitive.  You must include the file extension (.img).  If using Windows, make sure the image file didn't end up with an extra extension, such as "TS524-"  If possible, go to a DOS prompt , change to appropriate directory and issue command "dir" to check the filename.  If .txt or other extension has been added, use command "rename" to remove it.
  • Check Firewall settings on TFTP/FTP server PC.
  • Make sure you are using the correct image.  TS524 files are for the T5 switch.  TW5XX files are for the CPEs.
  • If using TFTP, try FTP.  If using FTP, try TFTP.
  • Do not use "anonymous" user for upgrade.  Avoid special characters in the username and password.
  • Try using a different TFTP/FTP server application.

Download starts ("sho boot" gets past 0%, then fails to complete):
  • Try rebooting the T5 switch
  • Possible corrupted image file.  Try upgrading a different T5 switch and/or download a new copy of the firmware image.

TFTP/FTP Connectivity Test
If you are unable to get the T5 switch upgraded using the methods above, use this process to test your TFTP/FTP server with T5.
Method 1)  Copy your T5 config file to the TFTP/FTP server and then back to T5 file system.
Check the firewall and TFTP/FTP permissions to make sure you are allowed to upload files to your TFTP/FTP server
Example commands to copy file from T5 to TFTP/FTP server (using same IP addresses and paths as upgrade example above)
copy running-config tftp://
copy running-config ftp://user:pass@
Example commands to copy the myconfig.txt file back up to the T5.
copy tftp:// myconfig.txt
copy ftp://user:pass@ myconfig.txt

Command to view the T5 file system and verify the file was copied: dir

Method 2) put a small text file (doesn't matter what it is) in your TFTP/FTP download directory and attempt to copy it up to the T5 file system.
Use the same commands as Method 1, but change the filename to match your text file.

If the above test is successful, try copying the TS524 firmware image file to the file system (using same commands as above, but with T5 image filename) and upgrade from there.  
Example (using same IP addresses as Upgrade example above)
copy tftp:// TS524-
copy ftp://user:pass@ TS524-
The file is large, so it may take some time to complete.  You will lose your prompt / access to the CLI while the file is being copied.
Once file copy is complete, check that the file is there using command: dir
Upgrade the T5 with the local file using command: upgrade TS524-

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