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Process not running in vr vr-default

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TitleProcess not running in vr vr-default
Restart of some process does not work properly when the standby slot (non master capable) has a lower license level

Error: Process ospf was not started due to insufficient license
Request failed on Slot-3

A result of this is that it is no longer able to make changes to the configuration of that process
<PROCESS> not running in vr vr-default
EXOS 15.1.5
On a stack of 3 nodes (MASTER, BACKUP and STANDBY).
Master and Backup nodes with Advanced Edge license.
Standby node to be non master capable with Edge license.
On master restart process OSPF
The restart does not complete successfully inspite of the MASTER and BACKUP having same license level, as Standby slot is also taken into consideration.
As a result of this OSPF process in BACKUP is Stopped and no further config changes are allowed.

manually start the stopped process in Backup.
start process ospf slot 2
or reboot

This will be fixed in CR# xos0066085
List of processes which have this issue: OSPF , VRRP , OSPFv3, GPTP , BGP , ISIS , MPLS , Trill
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