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Process "vlan" crashed with signal 11 on EXOS.

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TitleProcess "vlan" crashed with signal 11 on EXOS.
In very rare occasions process "vlan" may crash when ports are getting removed from the VLAN.
->show debug system-dump slot 2
Please wait. Your command is being processed.
	    Slot-2 system dump information
core_dump_info storage: 8/5120 used [EMPTY]
failure: process crash
time: Tue Sep 25 22:42:41 2018
process vlan
pid 1818
signal 11
$0 : z0=0000000000000000 at=0000000000000001 v0=0000000000000018 v1=0000000000000021
$4 : a0=00000000005c8dc0 a1=000000007fbde018 a2=000000000000002c a3=0000000000000000
$8 : t0=0000000000000003 t1=000000000039e204 t2=00000000000001e8 t3=0008772100000001
$12: t4=0000000000000000 t5=0000000000000000 t6=0000000000000000 t7=0000000000560000
$16: s0=0000000000700df0 s1=00000000006daa84 s2=00000000006bd398 s3=0000000001000000
$20: s4=0000000003000000 s5=0000000000000001 s6=0000000000560000 s7=0000000000000000
$24: t8=000000000055ac9c t9=0000000076ffa44c
$28: gp=0000000076fdaab0 sp=000000007fbde000 s8=0000000000000001 ra=00000000004261dc
Hi : 0000000000000007
Lo : 650fa3d5a1000000
epc   : 0000000076ffa478    Tainted: G           O  
Status: 00009cf3
Cause : 00800008
  • EXOS
  • VLAN
Possible root cause will be addressed via xos0064449.
Upgrade to EXOS version where xos0064449 is implemented.
How do I search release notes for known issues?
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