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Purview Mirror port eth1 does not show any traffic received on it in VMWare environment

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TitlePurview Mirror port eth1 does not show any traffic received on it in VMWare environment
  • Purview appliance does not show any traffic being received on eth1.
  • Output of ethtool eth1 shows link as down.
  • No response time data reported, or data reports available.
  • VMWare
  • Purview
  • The Virtual Port for eth1 is not connected.
  • The physical port for the virtual port is not present (possible VM migration to other piece of hardware)
  • Device Status is not connected
  • No Network Connection or Network Label associated with the interface
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Under the overall settings for the Esxi server, 
1.  Click on Configuration Tab and Networking under Hardware
The below should appear. It should have a virtual Machine Port Group that has the appropriate name and also be tied to the correct virtual appliance and correct physical adapter.

User-added image

The setup under the specific appliance should be as follows
2.  Edit Virtual Machine Settings->Network Adapter 2
3.  Make sure that it is is Connected under device status, and that there is a label as defined in above Virtual Machine Port  Group in picture above.
In this example Appid-Mirror2 is used.
User-added image
4.  If the vSwitch is missing the adapter settings (ie Appid-Mirror2) and label, this will need to be added back in. Once that is done, and you return to this window, the Network Label will be blank, but you should be able to select it and hit OK to save.
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