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Random slot in summit stack stops delivering POE power after stack reboot

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TitleRandom slot in summit stack stops delivering POE power after stack reboot
  • Slot on the summit stack stops delivering power to POE ports during restart. 
  • Random in nature
  • Issue is reported when the SSH module is installed and enabled in the stack
  • The following error is noticed in the log
  • 06/26/2014 20:41:01.16 <Erro:HAL.Card.Error> Slot-1: poePlusInit: Initialization failed
    Slot-1 DESWMUELEO13-OG4.2 # show inline-p sl 1
    Timeout occured while retrieving information from hardware.
  • Summit.
  • X460-48p, X460-24p, X440-24p, X440-48p.
  • EXOS 15.x Versions.
  • During the initialisation of the various modules when the slots are powering up, the timeout happens for POE initialisation.
  • This could be due to the the timing issue as the other modules like SSH are getting initialised at the same time and the POE initialisation gets timed out.
The permanent fix for the issue is included via CR xos0057562. 
Following EXOS versions contains the fix:
  • EXOS 15.5.3 and above.
  • EXOS patch 1-7 and above. 
  • EXOS patch 1-4 and above. 
  • EXOS 15.6.1 and above. 
The temporary work-around would be to reboot the affected slot.
Additional notes
Please refer the article below for more POE related troubleshooting if the issue is still present. 
EXOS-based PoE ports not delivering power




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