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Reboot due to memory depletion of process POE

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TitleReboot due to memory depletion of process POE
The switch reboots due to a memory depletion of process POE when running EXOS 15.6.4
exact error: System memory depleted
    Slot-2 system dump information
core_dump_info storage: 8/3072 used [EMPTY]
System memory depleted.
time: Mon Jan 30 03:49:14 2017
Global Memory Stats:
                   MemTotal:      1021524 kB
                    MemFree:         4268 kB
                    Buffers:          724 kB
                     Cached:         7616 kB
               Active(anon):       423564 kB
             Inactive(anon):       424560 kB
               Active(file):         3980 kB
             Inactive(file):         4264 kB
                  HighTotal:            0 kB
                   HighFree:            0 kB
                   LowTotal       1021524 kB
                    LowFree:         4268 kB
               Committed_AS:      1297216 kB
Top Processes by RSS:
                        poe:       778472 kB
                        hal:        11144 kB

  • Summit stack.
  • EXOS : patch1-6
  • LLDP configuration to advertise power-via-mdi classification.
In Summit stack, memory depletion observed in PoE process when configuring LLDP to advertise power-via-mdi with classification.
The memory depletion happens only on the backup slot of a stack and not on the master or the standby slots.

This is identified as a bug in software.
CR xos0066104 addresses this bug in the software versions: patch 1-9 and above patch 1-3 and above and above
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