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Receiving message "can't open file $$$pbif for read"

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TitleReceiving message "can't open file $$$pbif for read"

When trying to update/upgrade FPGA pbif using telnet, SSH,or SCP users may see message "can't open file $$$pbif for read".

Software Release: NI 05.2.00
Fixed in Version: N/A
Telnet, SSH and SCP are not supported.
Use the console port. For console port connections,the user will need a straight-through EIA or TIA DB-9 serial cable with one end terminated in a female DB-9 connector and the other end terminated in a male or female DB-9 or DB-25 connector, depending on the specifications ofthe PC or terminal.Users have the option to order this cable from Brocade or buildtheirown cable. The pinout for the cable is as follows:

Once connected, open the terminal emulation program, and set the session parameters as follows:

Baud: 9600 bps
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None

Afterwards, type this command to upgrade the FPGA pbif:

copy tftp fpga-pbif <tftp-srvr> pbifmetro_<XXXX>.bin
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