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Redeemed an EOS-based License but cannot Locate the needed Activation Key

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TitleRedeemed an EOS-based License but cannot Locate the needed Activation Key
  • Attempting to redeem an EOS-based Licensed Product Entitlement ID in order to generate an Activation Key for product configuration.
  • Have redeemed the license voucher originally received via email, but still cannot find the Activation Key.
  • The License Details web-form displays the redeemed voucher as having a blank Activation Key field.
  • Attempting to fix this, the redemption web-form now displays "An error occurred while fulfilling your entitlement redemption request."
  • SecureStack, B2-Series, B3-Series, C3-Series, C5-Series
  • G-Series
  • K-Series
  • S-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • NetSight Suite
This license voucher has already been redeemed, so by design it is not possible to redeem it again.
Generating the Activation Key for the product is a two-stage process:
  1. Redeem the voucher into your Extranet account.
  2. Activate the redeemed voucher in order to generate the Activation Key to be configured into the licensed product.
This is all explained in detail, in Hub KB 10833, "How to Redeem and Activate an Enterasys Product License".
  • Redemption for all of the above-stated products is explained in steps 10-13.
  • Activation for C5/K/S/7100-Series and NetSight v4.2.1+ uses the end customer's Company Name, explained in steps 15-20.
  • Activation for IdentiFi Wireless and NetSight vv2.2-v4.4 uses the hosting Controller/Server's MAC Address, explained in steps 22-27.
  • Activation for B2/B3/C3/G-Series uses the hosting Switch's Serial Number, explained in steps 29-35.
Note that the "Activate" button mentioned in the instructions may look like a button, or may simply look like underlined (hyper)text on the left-hand side.
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