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Resolving various "Grace Period 7 day(s) left in this 7-day grace period" scenarios on the IdentiFi Controller

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TitleResolving various "Grace Period 7 day(s) left in this 7-day grace period" scenarios on the IdentiFi Controller
  • Cannot make changes to the controller
  • Functionally everything still works but can no longer manage the controller for any purpose other than to add a suitable license
  • I can't apply another activation key to the controller
  • I'm trying to apply the license I got but it's not working when I paste it in
  • I'm seeing the following message on the controllers logs:
Permanent License: 7 day(s) left in this 7-day license period 
Reason(s): Activation key required for this software version.
Grace period: 7 day(s) left in this 7-day grace period 
Reason(s): Controller has more approved APs than permitted by the license.
  • ExtremeWireless (formerly known as IdentiFi Wireless)
  • All Firmware
  • All Controller Models
  • Licensing
  • Activation Keys
  • Upgrading firmware from one major rev to another ie version 8.x to version 9.x without updating the license key.
  • The local access point count is exceeding what the controller is licensed for. 
  • An evaluation Activation Key may only be added to an unlicensed unit. This symptom will arise if the unit has already been licensed for any firmware version via either an evaluation key or permanent key.
  • Confirm the license part number is compatible with the code matching on the controller - Licensing Options for a recently purchased IdentiFi Wireless Appliance
  • Purchase Controller Capacity Licenses for all of the locally configured access points
  • If you need to apply another Evaluation license to the controller you will need to Factory reset the controller and check off the remove license option.  After it boots back up, apply the new eval Activation Key. All user configurations will be lost unless steps are taken to save them before the factory reset and restore them afterwards - How to Remove Licenses from an IdentiFi Wireless Controller.
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