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S-Series: Boot Loop during boot file system check and WatchDog in tRootTask

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TitleS-Series: Boot Loop during boot file system check and WatchDog in tRootTask
On bootup of a blade may record the following errors in rare circumstances if corruption is found during chkdsk of the DOs file system
Message  11/92   Fatal Error        03/10/2015 17:52:16

    ERROR: file system check
Message  12/92   Syslog Message     03/10/2015 17:52:13
    <3>System[3]Flash volume /flash2 was repaired (2 passes). File system da
    ta may have been lost.

Message  13/92   Informational      03/10/2015 17:52:06

    Device was last fully operational in user mode: 19 minutes, 15 seconds a
    go. Last reset caused by: processor exception.

Message  14/92   Informational      03/10/2015 17:51:47

    Board reset itself

Message  15/92   Exception PPC750 Info   03/10/2015 17:51:47

   Exc Vector:   System Reset - Watchdog Timeout exception  (0x00000100) 
   Thread Name:  tRootTask                   
   Exc Addr:   0x02cf1a60 
   Thread Stack: 0x068e9d90..0x068d6840 
   Stack Pointer: 0x068e9140 
   Traceback Stack:
srr0 : 0x02cf1a60   srr1 : 0x0000b032   dar  : 0x00000000 
cr   : 0x28002824   xer  : 0x00000000   fpcsr:0x00000000 
msr  : 0x0000b032   lr   : 0x02cf1a48   ctr  : 0x02cef71c   
pc   : 0x02cf1a60   cr   : 0x28002824   xer  : 0x20000000 
r[ 0]:0x00000000  r[ 1]:0x068d67b0  r[ 2]:0x04297f90  r[ 3]:0x0000b032   
r[ 4]:0x00003032  r[ 5]:0x0000b032  r[ 6]:0x00000000  r[ 7]:0x00000000   
r[ 8]:0x00000001  r[ 9]:0x00000001  r[10]:0x068e9d90  r[11]:0x068e9160   
r[12]:0x00000002  r[13]:0x05d934c0  r[14]:0x00000020  r[15]:0x00000000   
r[16]:0x00000000  r[17]:0x00000000  r[18]:0x00000000  r[19]:0x00000000   
r[20]:0x00000000  r[21]:0x0000001f  r[22]:0x0000001f  r[23]:0x06e36729   
r[24]:0x05c473d8  r[25]:0x00000000  r[26]:0x00000000  r[27]:0x00000024   
r[28]:0x068e9d90  r[29]:0xffffffff  r[30]:0x0000b032  r[31]:0x06715070   

Message  40/92   Syslog Message     03/10/2015 17:31:22
    <3>RemModIn[3.tusrAppInit]remoteModuleInfoInit(): /flash2/moduleRecords/
    module2.rec CRC check failed. Removing file.


  • S-Series
  • Firmware 8.22.02.xx or higher
  • can happen during chkdsk of the DOS file system at initialization of the blade
The chkdsk at boot time was added in to correct any DOS file system corruption as soon as it is detected (usually after a power loss while writing). 
The chkdsk is a best effort and may take several tries to completely fix the file system which may involve reset with the above crash multiple times in extreme cases.
In some cases it is not able to repair and with K/S blades will need to be RMA'ed, while TOR has the "repair" option in it's boot loader.

If the system repairs the corruption then you should be able to continue
If the system cannot repair and keeps in the boot cycle then you should RMA the switch. 
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