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S-Series Fails to Backup BGP Peer

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TitleS-Series Fails to Backup BGP Peer
  • S-Series working to BGP peer for a long time
  • S-Series fails over to redundant BGP peer
  • S-Series cannot ping peer
  • Peer is in active state
Router1(su)->show ip bgp neighbors

BGP neighbor is: 203.113.253, remote AS: 1234
BGP version is: 4, remote router ID:
TTL: 1
Hold Time: 90 (sec), Keepalive Time: 30 (sec)
Advertised Restart Time: 120 (sec), Restarting: No
Restart Status: NotRestarting, Time remaining in restart state: 0
Current state is: ACTIVE
Updates received: 19, Updates sent: 4082
Total messages received: 338262, Total messages sent: 392358
Last error code was: 4
Last error sub-code was: 0
BGP Instance Local AS is: 65200
BGP Peer selected local AS is: 0
Local router ID is:
Established Time: 4,04:49:54 (days,hr:min:sec)
Number of transitions to/from established state is: 19
Soft reset with stored info is: Enabled
Automatic sending of route-refresh messages is: Enabled
Router confederation AS is: 0
Peer is in Router's Confederation? No
Route Reflector ID is:
Peer is Route Reflector Client? Non-Client
Max allowed instances of local AS in AS-PATH of rcv updates:0
Sender side loop detection is: Enabled
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) is: Disabled
Negotiated Capabilities:
Multiprotocol ipv4 unicast: Received: No Negotiated: No
Multiprotocol ipv4 multicast: Received: No Negotiated: No
Multiprotocol ipv4 vpn: Received: No Negotiated: No
Multiprotocol ipv6 unicast: Received: No Negotiated: No
Multiprotocol ipv6 multicast: Received: No Negotiated: No
Multiprotocol ipv6 vpn: Received: No Negotiated: No
Route Refresh: Received: No Negotiated: No
Graceful Restart: Received: No Negotiated: No
Outbound Route Filtering: Received: No Negotiated: No
4 Octet AS number: Received: No Negotiated: No

Cisco Reports S-Series Peer in active state
Cisco#sh ip bgp neighbors
BGP neighbor is, remote AS 65200, external link
BGP version 4, remote router ID
BGP state = Active
Last read 00:31:25, last write 00:31:25, hold time is 180, keepalive interval is 60 seconds
Message statistics:
InQ depth is 0
OutQ depth is 0
Sent Rcvd
Opens: 0 0
Notifications: 0 0
Updates: 0 0
Keepalives: 0 0
Route Refresh: 0 0
Total: 0 0
Default minimum time between advertisement runs is 30 seconds

For address family: IPv4 Unicast
BGP table version 17, neighbor version 0/0
Output queue size : 0
Index 1, Offset 0, Mask 0x2
1 update-group member
Inbound soft reconfiguration allowed
Sent Rcvd
Prefix activity: ---- ----
Prefixes Current: 0 0
Prefixes Total: 0 0
Implicit Withdraw: 0 0
Explicit Withdraw: 0 0
Used as bestpath: n/a 0
Used as multipath: n/a 0

Outbound Inbound
Local Policy Denied Prefixes: -------- -------
Total: 0 0
Number of NLRIs in the update sent: max 0, min 0

Connections established 0; dropped 0
Last reset never
External BGP neighbor not directly connected.
No active TCP connection

Layer to connection between peers failed
Fix physical layer between peers
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