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S Series Performance Problems Errors on VSB ports

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TitleS Series Performance Problems Errors on VSB ports
  • Clients timing out of connections
  • errors on VSB bonding ports:
                                                                                                  In Total  Out Total
Port                   In Octets           Out Octets           In Packets          Out Packets     Errors     Errors
----------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- ---------- ----------
vsb.3.2             250120820881         595638902491            722154509           3391527108     863908    1284214
vsb.6.2             248669560018          70504064931           1410178014            270922070        794     115723
  • Errors in logging buffer or syslog server:
Dune[3.tDuneErrM]Petra[0] Interrupt PB_IDR_REASSEMBLY_ERROR_GENERAL_MOP instance 0 is off
Dune[3.dTcmTask]Petra[0] Received Interrupt PB_IRE_NIFA_PACKET_SIZE_ERR instance 0, count 2028, value= 0x1
Dune[3.dTcmTask]Petra[0] Received Interrupt PB_IDR_REASSEMBLY_ERROR_GENERAL_MOP instance 0, count 45281, value= 0x1
Dune[3.tDuneErrM]Petra[0] Interrupt PB_IRE_NIFA_PACKET_SIZE_ERR instance 0 still active
Dune[3.tDuneErrM]Petra[0] Interrupt PB_IDR_REASSEMBLY_ERROR_GENERAL_MOP instance 0 still active
Bonding[3]Bond Link removed port vsb.3.2:  probe loss
Bonding[3]Bond Link added port vsb.3.2
Bonding[3]Bond Link on port vsb.3.2 appears unstable.  Please check connection.

  • Bonded S Series
  • Firmware
  • VSB Bonding ports
  • Bonding was attempting to use the bad path noted by the errors in the log. 
  • This issue is similar to a chassis with bad pins or connections across the backplane. 
  • In this case it was noted as something to clean up but not address immediately with the presumption that other paths would be preferred.
  • Remove and correct any physical layer link issues
  • Check for CoS rate limiting configuration that may be applied
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