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S-Series Petra IPT CRC Errors

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TitleS-Series Petra IPT CRC Errors
S-series unit halts or shuts down with the following error in the message log.
Message 3/177 Shutdown 01/05/2017 12:21:34
Completed - Reset
Shutdown process ends. System will be reset.
Message 4/177 Shutdown 01/05/2017 12:21:25
Initiated - Reset
Shutdo\11n process is starting.
Message 5/177 Syslog Message 01/05/2017 12:21:25
<0>Dune[5.dTcmTask]Petra[0] Received Interrupt PB_IPT_CRC_ERR_PKT instan
ce 0, count 1, value= 0x1 ( 0x00ecb034 0x01353c14 0x0134e228 0x013873bc
0x0134d780 0x0134e6d4 0x013874ec 0x0175734c 0x01448c30 0x01448edc 0x01b4
eca4 0xeeeeeeee )
Message 6/177 Syslog Message 01/05/2017 12:21:23
<3>Dune[5.dTcmTask]Petra[0] Received Interrupt PB_IPT_CRC_ERR_PKT instan
ce 0, count 1, value = 0xl
  • S-Series
  • S180 & S140 Hardware
  • The causes of this are mostly recoverable events, however the firmware would treat them all as non-recoverable and halt the blade.
  • For the recoverable events the firmware will no longer halt, and continue normal operation.
  • For non-recoverable events (i.e. hardware failures), the firmware will now reset (not halt).
  • Install the latest GA release F/W
  • Fixed in 08.42 Branch -
  • Fixed in 08.62. Branch –
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