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S-Series Static Route pointing to wrong Interface

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TitleS-Series Static Route pointing to wrong Interface
  • Cannot ping in subnet where Static route configured
  • Static route pointing to wrong interface
Route learned on vlan.0.1
S8-Core-WCPC(su-router-config)->show ip route

IP Route Table for the base topology in VRF global
Codes: C-connected, S-static, R-RIP, B-BGP, O-OSPF, IA-OSPF interarea
N1-OSPF NSSA external type 1, N2-OSPF NSSA external type 2
E1-OSPF external type 1, E2-OSPF external type 2,
i-IS-IS, L1-IS-IS level-1, L2-IS-IS level-2

S [1/1] via vlan.0.1 24m59s

Number of routes = 1
Next hop is correct but the vlan should be 21 because it has an ip of
Interface vlan.0.21
ip address primary
ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 :e6fa638032505389df5286e1444be84c1b3ee58f:
vrrp create 1 v2-IPv4
vrrp address 1
vrrp priority 1 250
vrrp accept-mode 1
vrrp enable 1
no ip redirects
no shutdown
Interface is up
S8-Core-WCPC(su)->show interface vlan.0.21
vlan.0.21 is Operationally up, Administratively up
MAC-Address is: 20-b3-99-55-90-a5
The name of this device is vlan.0.21
ARP/ND cache limit is 65535
MTU is 1500 bytes
Encapsulation ARPA, Loopback not set
IP Policy Routing disabled
IPv6 Policy Routing disabled
No Secondary VLANs configured
  • S-Series
  • All Firmware
Static route entered with vlan.0.1 interface
ip route interface vlan.0.1
Enter the following to correct the Static Route
no ip route interface vlan.0.1
ip route
Afterward, the config should show the route like:
ip route interface vlan.0.21 1
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