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S-Series error "Spantree Packet error on Port" seen in logging buffer

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TitleS-Series error "Spantree Packet error on Port" seen in logging buffer
  • Spantree Packet error on Port seen in logging buffer as follows:
Spantree[1]Packet error on Port = ge.1.1 Data Length = 35017 DSAP = 0x02 SSAP = 0x07 
BPDU Protocol ID = 0x00 BPDU Version = 0x00 BPDU Type = 0x00 Source MAC = xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
  • Device connected on port supports LLDP 802.1AB specification (published in 2009)
  • S-Series
  • Firmware 08.32.02.xx and previous
  • 802.1AB specicification
  • Linux machine
  • LLDP spec 802.1AB sends out LLDP frames with the same mac address used with spanning tree protocol which uses mac address 01:80:C2:00:00:00
  • This LLDP packet is being mistaken for a spanning tree packet instead of an actual LLDP frame
Additional notes
This message should not cause any negative network impact on the network and is only informative



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