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S-Series with "pethPsePortMan" errors and PoE failure

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TitleS-Series with "pethPsePortMan" errors and PoE failure
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) is not working on the NEM's ports.
  • Error log ('show support') contains one or more instances of "pethPsePortMan" messaging; for example:
<3>PEM[2.SNMPSubAgt]pethPsePortMan::pethPsePortPowerPairsControlAbilityGet(): PoEDriver::PoEGetPortPairsControlAbility(372) failed
<3>PEM[2.SNMPSubAgt]pethPsePortMan::pethPsePortPowerPriorityGet(): PoEDriver::PoEGetPortPowerPriority(383) failed
<3>PEM[2.SNMPSubAgt]pethPsePortMan::pethPsePortPowerPairsGet(): PoEDriver::PoEGetPortPowerPairs(383) failed
<3>PEM[2.SNMPSubAgt]pethPsePortMan::pethPsePortAdminEnableGet(): PoEDriver::PoEGetPortAdminEnable(383) failed

  • S-Series
  • All firmware
Given that module slots are identified in messages as "[<slot>.<task>]", these sample messages are in reference to hardware installed in slot 2. This issue affects one or more of the NEMs installed in that slot's base module.
  • Ensure that the PoE power header (looks like four parallel pins) is installed so that the NEM's RJ45 ports can physically receive PoE power.
  • See the "S-Series Option Module Quick Reference" guide, for more about the power header.
  • Contact the GTAC for assistance, as necessary.
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