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SNMPv3 user credentials no longer work after downgrading EXOS from EXOS 22 to EXOS 21

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TitleSNMPv3 user credentials no longer work after downgrading EXOS from EXOS 22 to EXOS 21
  • SNMPv3 credentials created in EXOS 22 no longer work after a downgrade to EXOS 21
  • show management shows SNMP AuthErrors incrementing (highlighted below)
    * X450G2-24t-10G4.1 # show management
    CLI idle timeout                 : Enabled (20 minutes)
    CLI max number of login attempts : 3
    CLI max number of sessions       : 8
    CLI paging                       : Enabled (this session only)
    CLI space-completion             : Disabled (this session only)
    CLI configuration logging        : Disabled
    CLI password prompting only      : Disabled
    CLI RADIUS cmd authorize tokens  : 2
    CLI scripting                    : Disabled (this session only)
    CLI scripting error mode         : Ignore-Error (this session only)
    CLI persistent mode              : Persistent (this session only)
    CLI prompting                    : Enabled (this session only)
    CLI screen size                  : 24 Lines 80 Columns (this session only)
    CLI refresh                      : Enabled
    Telnet access                    : Enabled (tcp port 23 vr all)
                                     : Access Profile : not set
    SSH access                       : Disabled (Key invalid, tcp port 22 vr all)
                                     : Secure-Mode    : Off
                                     : Access Profile : not set
    SSH2 idle time                   : 60 minutes
    Web access                       : Enabled (tcp port 80)
                                     : Access Profile : not set
    Total Read Only Communities	 : 0
    Total Read Write Communities	 : 1
    RMON                             : Disabled
    SNMP access                      : v1,v2c Disabled, v3 Enabled
                                     : Access Profile : not set
    SNMP Compatibility Options       :
        GETBULK Reply Too Big Action : Too Big Error
        IP Fragmentation             : Disallow
    SNMP Notifications               : Enabled
    SNMP Notification Receivers  : None
    SNMP stats:	InPkts 4907    OutPkts   1650    Errors 3257    AuthErrors 9
    		Gets   0       GetNexts  0       Sets   0       Drops      0
    SNMP traps:	Sent   0       AuthTraps Enabled
    SNMP inform:	Sent   0       Retries   0       Failed 0
  • <Warn:SNMP.Master.AuthFail> Login failed through SNMPv3 - wrong digest is seen in the log
  • EXOS 21
  • SNMPv3
Due to SNMPv3 security enhancements in EXOS 22, a downgrade to an earlier version of EXOS will require reconfiguration of SNMPv3 users.
Delete the SNMPv3 user and re-create it via the EXOS CLI.
Additional notes
Note that this only applies to SNMPv3 users. SNMPv2 communities are not affected.



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