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S-Series: S130 class modules - unable to enable Jumbo Frame support

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TitleS-Series: S130 class modules - unable to enable Jumbo Frame support
  • cannot set ports to Jumbo enable 
  • Some ports failed to set two to lack of resources
  • S-Series
  • All Firmware 
  • 130 Class S-Series modules (note: see release notes for board  type classifications) 
  • 130 class  modules as follows:
    • ST4106-0248 
    • SG4101-0248
    • ST4106-0348-F6
The S130 Class of blade supports Jumbo Frames on a maximum of 12 ports simultaneously.
These ports can be any combination of the fixed 48 ports found on the module.

There are no limitations for 150 class, 155 class and 180 class modules.  All ports are able to support jumbo frames simultaneously. 
Limit Jumbo Frame usage on S130 modules to no more than 12 simultaneous ports

It is possible for jumbo administrative status to be enabled and jumbo operational status to be
deferred. Resetting the module will enable deferred ports.
Additional notes

When enabling jumbo frame support on any S-series device, the maximum frame size defaults to 10239 bytes for untagged packets and supports 10243 bytes for tagged packets. Jumbo frame size can be set to any value between 1523 – 10239 bytes. The standard Ethernet frame MTU for untagged packets is 1518 bytes including the 18 Ethernet header bytes. The standard Ethernet frame MTU for tagged packets is 1522 bytes.



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