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SSH public key authentication on switch stops to work if delete one of the users public keys.

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TitleSSH public key authentication on switch stops to work if delete one of the users public keys.
If use public key authentication on switch and delete one of the users public keys authentication stops to work:
test1@linux:~$ ssh
Copyright (C) 1996-2016 Extreme Networks. All rights reserved.
This product is protected by one or more US patents listed at along with their foreign counterparts.
Press the <tab> or '?' key at any time for completions.
Remember to save your configuration changes.
X440-48t[lab].1 # show accounts
                       User Name  Access LoginOK  Failed     State
--------------------------------  ------ -------  ------  --------
                           admin     R/W       3       0   Enabled
                            user     RO        0       0   Enabled
                           test1     R/W       0       0   Enabled
                           test2     R/W       0       0   Enabled
                           test3     R/W       0       0   Enabled
                           test4     R/W       0       0   Enabled
                           test5     R/W       0       0   Enabled
                           test6     R/W       0       0   Enabled
X440-48t[lab].2 # show sshd user-key
#   Key name         Subject           Comment
1   test1-key-1                                                                
1   test4-key-1                                                                
1   test2-key-1                                                                
1   test3-key-1                                                                
1   test5-key-1                                                                
1   test6-key-1                                                                
# is the number of users bound to the key
X440-48t[lab].3 # delete sshd2 user-key "test6-key-1"
* X440-48t[lab].4 # save
The configuration file primary.cfg already exists.
Do you want to save configuration to primary.cfg and overwrite it? (y/N) Yes
Saving configuration on master ......................... done!
Configuration saved to primary.cfg successfully.
X440-48t[lab].5 # exit
Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.
test1@linux:~$ ssh
test1@'s password:
  • EXOS 16.x
  • All EXOS platforms
  • SSH
The root cause of the issue is the software defect xos0067182.
Upgrade to EXOS where xos0067182 is fixed.
How do I search release notes for known issues?
Extreme Networks Release Notes

As a workaround you can restart exsshd process to recover:
X440-48t[lab].1 # restart process "exsshd" 
Step 1: terminating process exsshd gracefully ...
Step 2: starting process exsshd ...
Restarted process exsshd successfully
X440-48t[lab].2 #
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