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SSH via proxy AP

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TitleSSH via proxy AP


  • To access an AP CLI using a second AP CLI as proxy.


  • HiveManager Classic
  • This method allows the user to establish an SSH connection to an AP using a different AP in the same network.

Use cases

  • If one AP is disconnected from the HiveManager, and a second one still connected, it is possible to SSH in to the disconnected APs CLI using the connected AP's CLI.

Establish a CLI connection to an AP connected to the HiveManager.

Once a CLI connection is established, enter the command:

  • exec ssh-client server <IP address> user <string>

You will need the password for the AP

  • If the AP has taken a configuration update from the HiveManager, check the Device Management Settings in the admin settings within the HiveManager to see what the SSH password is. 
  • If the AP is in a factory default state the password will be one of these two options:
    • aerohive
    • Aerohive1
Important NOTE: You will need to hit enter again after each command, to ensure the last command was accepted.
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