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IdentiFi SSID limit Reached

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TitleIdentiFi SSID limit Reached
  • BSSID limit has been reached
  • Each layer is all connected VNS to Topology
  • Adding VNS to load group
  • 8 SSIDs are allowed per Radio
  • IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  • All Firmware versions
SSIDs are also associated with Load Group
  • Clear SSID from load group
  • Make sure no more then 8 SSIDs are assigned per radio 
Additional notes
From the user guide. Each controller model can support a specified number of active VNSs, as listed below:
  • C5110 — Up to 128 VNSs
  • C5210 — Up to 128 VNSs
  • C4110 — Up to 64 VNSs
  • C25 — Up to 16 VNSs
  • C35 --- Up to 16 VNSs
  • V2110 Small --- Up to 16 VNSs
  • V2110 Medium — Up to 64 VNSs
  • V2110 Large --- Up to 128 VNSs
The IdentiFi Wireless AP radios can be assigned to each of the configured WLAN services and, therefore, VNSs in a system. Each IdentiFi Wireless AP can be the subject of 16 service assignments — 8 assignments per radio — which corresponds to the number of SSIDs it can



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