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STP Auto-Edge does not properly detect edge ports

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TitleSTP Auto-Edge does not properly detect edge ports
Ports not connected to other STP switches are not placed in edge mode as would be expected.
Slot-1 DUT19_1.14 # show stpd s0 ports detail 
Stpd: s0        Port: 1:48      PortId: 8030    Stp: ENABLED    Path Cost: 20000
Port Mode         : 802.1D              Port Role          : Designated
Port State        : FORWARDING          Topology Change Ack: FALSE
Port Priority     : 128
Designated Root   : 20:00:00:04:96:52:b4:e4     Designated Cost: 1960, IntCost: 20000
Designated Bridge : 80:00:02:04:96:7e:26:c2     Designated Port Id: 8030
Partner STP version     : Dot1w
Restricted Role         : Disabled
Active Role             : Disabled
Edge Port Safe Guard    : Disabled
Bpdu Restrict           : Disabled
maxAge: 20      msgAge: 2       fwdDelay: 15    helloTime: 2    maxHops: 19
Restricted TCN          : Off
Loop Protect            : Off
Loop Protect Partner    : Incapable
Operational Edge        : FALSE
Auto Edge               : On
Participating Vlans: (none)

  • EXOS 15.7
  • EXOS 16.1
  • STP
Due to a software bug, auto-edge detection may not work properly.
Upgrade to a fixed version of EXOS. This bug was fixed in EXOS 16.2 and 21.1.
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