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SecureStack continuously resets in a loop condition

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TitleSecureStack continuously resets in a loop condition
  • SecureStack A, B, C & D Series. will not boot up, reset/crash none stop.
  • It continuously resets in a loop condition 
  • Firmware image loads 100% into memory
  • No error detected during boot
  • Upgrade via COM port does not resolve the issue
  • SecureStack
  • D-Series
  • G-Series
  • I-Series
  • All firmware
  • Either corrupted configuration or hardware failure.
  • As a standalone unit, please use the following steps to recover the unit:
  • Power down and up the unit, and while is powering hit the number 2 key to log in to the boot menu.
  • (1) Log into the boot menu option 2 ( password is administrator)
  • (2) Clear to factory defaults option 9 then
  • (3) reset system option 8
  • If if the above boot up recovery process does not resolve issue, contact GTAC for RMA. See "Additional Notes" below to proceed with the RMA of the faulty unit. 
Additional notes
Submit an RMA through our Support Portal or contact the GTAC for immediate technical assistance.



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