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SecureStack/D/G-Series CPU LED is Blinking Red

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TitleSecureStack/D/G-Series CPU LED is Blinking Red
  • CPU LED is blinking red.
  • Unit sent a Temp Alarm trap.
  • Unit sent a Temp Alarm syslog item.
  • Unit/Stack is otherwise functional, passing traffic, with full management access.
  • Configuration Guide states that if the CPU LED remains red for several minutes, the system may have a fatal error.
  • G-Series, firmware and higher
  • D-Series, firmware and higher
  • SecureStack
    • C5-Series, all firmware
    • C3-Series, firmware and higher
    • C2-Series, firmware and higher
    • B5-Series, all firmware
    • B3-Series, firmware and higher
    • B2-Series, firmware and higher
    • A4-Series, firmware and higher
The CPU LED typically indicates CPU condition, but as an auxiliary function it can indicate a potential overheat condition.
The Thermal Threshold value has reached or exceeded the Temp alarm max threshold value.
This may or may not indicate the presence of any actual functional issue.
  1. Review the output of a 'show system' or 'show support'.
  2. If the Thermal Threshold (percentage of the unit's maximum thermal capacity) has exceeded around 80% and corrective action seems warranted, then for assistance please open a case with the GTAC.
  3. Otherwise, the Temp alarm max threshold (high-water mark for triggering a thermal alarm) has been set less than around 80%. Consider returning it to its default value ('set system temperature overtemp-threshold 100') or to some other relatively high value (80-99) that is not likely to trigger a false alarm.
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