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SecureStack "Failed to create a dosFs volume"

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TitleSecureStack "Failed to create a dosFs volume"
  • Unit fails to boot 
  • Sample output from a failed boot up
Version 02.02.51 05-01-2012

Computing MD5 Checksum of operational code...
Select an option. If no selection in 2 seconds then
operational code will start.

1 - Start operational code.
2 - Start Boot Menu.
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Operational Code Date: Mon Mar 31 09:58:28 2014

                       50%                     100%
Adding 77106 symbols for standalone.
WatchdogTask - Active
Inst Memory Protection - Active
Instantiating /ramDrv:0 as rawFs,  device = 0x30001
Instantiating /snapDr:0 as rawFs,  device = 0x40001
SOC unit 0 attached to PCI device BCM56512_A0
Adding BCM transport pointers
Configuring CPUTRANS TX
Configuring CPUTRANS RX
st_state(0) = 0x0
st_state(1) = 0x2
MonitorTask - Active
0x4855f80 (tErfTask): dosFsLib.c : Failed to create a dosFs volume
Instantiating /DiskVol/ as rawFs,  device = 0x70001
  • SecureStack
  • B5-Series
  • A4-Series
  • All firmware versions
  • System fails to create dosFs volume.
  • Corrupted file system.
Hardware failure.
Please click here to submit an RMA through our Support Portal or contact the GTAC for immediate technical assistance.
Additional notes
Not sure what an RMA is?
For additional information about RMA please read the article Return Material Authorization RMA Process and FAQ



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