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SecureStack password recovery button fails

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TitleSecureStack password recovery button fails
  • Can not log into switch as admin
  • Pressing the reset for the switch for more than six seconds does not recover password
  • rw access is available


  • B5-Series
  • C3-Series
  • All firmware versions
Admin account is disabled
  1. Log onto the switch with rw access (using account "rw" or equivalent), via Telnet, SSH, or console
  2. Save the active configuration to file 
  3. 'show configuration outfile configs/<FILENAME>'
  4. Enable TFTP Server
  5. Copy configuration file to TFTP Server
  6. 'copy configs/<FILENAME> tftp://<TFTP_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS>/<FILENAME>'
  7. Open the file with a  text editor 
  8. Delete the admin password line
  9. 'set system login admin super-user disable password :02523ab0258709bdd3037bc91a201b8b397e0f4c:' 
  10. Save the file
  11. TFTP the configuration to the switch
  12. 'copy tftp://<TFTP_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS>/<FILENAME> configs/<FILENAME>'
  13. Load the configuration which prompts for a reset
  14. 'configure configs/<FILENAME>'
  15. After the reset there is no password for admin account <ENTER>
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