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SecureStacks with SNTP not Polling and NotInService

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TitleSecureStacks with SNTP not Polling and NotInService
  • SNTP does not start when device boots up.
  • "Last SNTP Status: Other"
  • "NotInService"
  • In a 'show sntp', the SNTP server is shown as "NotInService" and the SNTP Poll Request is 0.
  • SecureStack C3, firmware and lower
  • SecureStack C2, firmware and lower
  • SecureStack B3, firmware and lower
  • SecureStack B2, firmware and lower
  • SNTP
  • NTP
SNTP does not start upon initial switch boot-up, even though the minimal necessary commands ('set sntp client unicast', 'set sntp server <server_IP>') have been configured (5571). Instead, the switch does not send out the first SNTP poll until after the defined poll interval (default is 512 seconds):
B2(su)->show sntp
 SNTP Version: 3
 Current Time: TUE AUG 22 08:04:50 2006
 Timezone: 'met' offset from UTC is 1 hours and 0 minutes
 Client Mode: unicast
 Broadcast Count: 0
 Poll Interval: 512 seconds
 Poll Retry: 1
 Poll Timeout: 5 seconds
 SNTP Poll Requests: 0
 Last SNTP Update: THU JAN 01 00:00:00 1970
 Last SNTP Request: THU JAN 01 00:00:00 1970
 Last SNTP Status: Other

 SNTP-Server       Precedence       Status
 -------------------------------------------      1            NotInService      1            NotInService

  • For the C3, upgrade to firmware or higher.
  • For the C2, upgrade to firmware or higher.
  • For the B3, upgrade to firmware or higher.
  • For the B2, upgrade to firmware or higher.
Additional notes
Pre-upgrade workarounds:

Once the symptom has occurred, re-enter the 'set sntp server <server_IP>' command poll-retry.
To decrease the need for manual intervention each time the system is booted, decrease the specified polling interval from its default value to its minimum value: 'set sntp poll-interval <value>'.

In some conditions, examples below: The logs may report the basic message:
set sntp poll-Interval: 9 "seconds"
set snap poll-retry: 1     "second"
set sntp  Timeout: 5     "seconds"
Recommended settings
set sntp poll-interval 6  "seconds"
set sntp poll-retry 10    "seconds"
set sntp poll-timeout 5  "seconds"




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