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Securestack "Config Mismatch" When Replacing a Member of a Stack

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TitleSecurestack "Config Mismatch" When Replacing a Member of a Stack
  • Securestack "Config Mismatch" When Replacing Unit in a Switch stack
  • All ports on unit are show "detach"
  • Preconfig model does not match Plugged-in model
  • Type "show switch" and verify Preconfig models match Plugged-in models
Management   Preconfig   Plugged-in        Switch             Code
Switch    Status          Model ID    Model ID          Status            Version
------ ------------ ----------- ----------- --------------------- --------------
1      Stack Member C5G124-48P2 C5G124-48P2 OK          
2      Stack Member C5G124-48P2 C5G124-48   Config Mismatch
3      Stack Member C5G124-48   C5G124-48   OK          
4      Stack Member C5G124-48   C5G124-48   OK          
5      Mgmt Switch  C5G124-48P2 C5G124-48P2 OK          

  • Securestack
  • All Hardware Models
  • All Firmware Versions
Wrong switch member expected

Type "show config system"
This command shows non-default configurations only.
Use 'show config all' to show both default and non-default configurations.

# Firmware Revision:

set switch member 1 9
set switch member 2 9
set switch member 3 6
set switch member 4 6
set switch member 5 9
set switch description 1 "Enterasys Networks, Inc. C5 -- Model C5G124-48"
set system login admin super-user enable  password :2cd823038c206f469506612757502dcdcd557299b5c50b19bb13f42e371ccf1542641f78f30e423ae3:
set system login rw read-write enable  password :2cd823038c206f469506612757502dcdcd557299b5c50b19bb13f42e371ccf1542641f78f30e423ae3:
set system login enterasys super-user enable  password :556f4d53ae63794e1c16242fae76d66cdd11f8c0a5d1425cad39ad5b4623d764822f106b7f5da85a67:
1.	clear switch member <switch_ID>
2.	show switch

The error should be gone
3.	show port status

​No ports should be in a "detached" state.
Additional notes
If after executed the steps above the problem still persists, then issue the command "show license" to verify if the stack has an advanced license installed. See article Securestack config mismatch when adding unit to switch stack for more information. 



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