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Securestack showing "Inst Memory Protection - Active" in console

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TitleSecurestack showing "Inst Memory Protection - Active" in console
Message is shown after a command is typed, such as "show config", at the command prompt.
  • C3G124-24 
  • Firmware
Release notes state, in the 'Firmware Changes and Enhancements' section: To increase the ability to detect memory corruption, protected code space has been created. Any attempt to overwrite operation code space results in an exception that logs the location of the offending operation and resets the switch. 

Release notes show in a later version:

17478 Corrected an issue with memory utilization associated with saving configuration files. This issue could 
result in memory exhaustion resulting in a reset. 

That is related to the  "memory protection" message, that can be triggered by the memory exhaustion after repeated saving of configuration files. This has been corrected in firmware.
Upgrade to the latest available firmware version - after upgrading to the message is not seen after boot.
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