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Securestack B / C / G / I with performance issues and timeout draining packets in the logs

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TitleSecurestack B / C / G / I with performance issues and timeout draining packets in the logs
One or more "timeout draining packets" errors seen in the current.log; for example:
<160>Apr 5 17:31:42 SIM[86228792]: broad_hpc_drv.c(2689) 219 %% ERROR: port 0:ge5: timeout draining packets (2377 cells remain) 

Corresponding ports fail to pass traffic, though the port is up and its status otherwise looks fine.
  • Securestack B5
  • Firmware prior to
Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Firmware Changes and Enhancements' section:
15297  Addressed an issue associated with the switch port state machine which could potentially cause device ports to lockup.

Latest firmware and release notes can be found at:

Pre-upgrade workaround: The switch after a manual reset works fine for some time.
Additional notes
This condition is typically detected by the txqmonitor function, which may then issue messages including
"... Tx queue for interface <port#> is in stalled mode". 
These txqmonitor messages can be helpful here because they report the affected port number in the conventional format.

Also reported in the community:



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