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Seeing error "Failed to allocate Traffic Conditioner resource" on console

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TitleSeeing error "Failed to allocate Traffic Conditioner resource" on console

Customer may see error "Failed to allocate Traffic Conditioner resource" appear on screen at bootup or after applying an access-list to an interface.

Access-list, Policy Based Routing, Rate-limiting, Access-list Accounting

Software Release: All versions
Fixed in Version: N/A

This error is generated because there are not enough free traffic conditioners in the wsram to support the cam-based configuration.

Traffic conditioners are used for both rate-limiting and access-list accounting as either a meter or counter. By default, we can only support a maximum of 501 combined entries with either rate-limiting or access-list accounting functionality on the Bigiron RX. If the user has configured a combinednumber of entries for rate-limiting and access-list accounting above 496, in any combination, for a particular linecard processor[1]. Entries beyond this value will fail to have a metering function take effect and will generate this error. However, the packet filtering function will still occur.

[1] A linecard processor controls either a bank of twelve 1G ports, a single 10G port in 2/4 port 10Glinecards or four 10G ports in a 16 port 10G linecard.


Traffic conditioner allocation is proportional to the size of cam allocation for rate-limiting. Therefore, by default there are 416 total entries for rate-limiting and access-list accounting available.

Using the cam-partition command we can increase the size of the rate-limiting PBR allocation to496 while also allocating496 cam entries to access-lists.

For example:

cam-partition rw session 992
cam-partition rw session rule 496

This configuration will fully support up to 496 access-list entries with accounting (and zero rate-limiting instances) .

This is the maximum setting for access-list accounting before traffic conditioner errors will be seen.

Increasing the rule based partition beyond 496 is allowable but access-list accounting will not be available on filters beyond the 496th and this error will be seen upon configuration.

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