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Show Management command is not available

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TitleShow Management command is not available
When running the show management command, the command is not recognized, nor will the built-in syntax helper work for the command.
* X670G2-72x.43 # show management
%% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
* X670G2-72x.44 #

Since the show management command contains SNMP information. It is possible that certain SNMP background processes may not be working, rendering the command unavailable.

Check the snmpMaster process state and start:
* X670G2-72x.52 # show process | inc snmp
snmpMaster     2    Stopped      Tue Nov  8 09:36:51 2016
snmpSubagent     0    Ready        Tue Nov  8 06:37:21 2016
* X670G2-72x.56 # start process "snmpMaster"
Started snmpMaster successfully

There has been possibilities that the snmpMaster process failed due to process issues or that the process was closed,and not started due to SSH installation.

Once started, the command worked as expected:
* X670G2-72x.56 # start process "snmpMaster"
Started snmpMaster successfully
* X670G2-72x.57 # show management
CLI idle timeout                 : Enabled (20 minutes)
CLI max number of login attempts : 3
CLI max number of sessions       : 8
CLI paging                       : Enabled (this session only)
CLI space-completion             : Disabled (this session only)
CLI configuration logging        : Disabled
CLI scripting                    : Disabled (this session only)

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