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Siemens phones connected to Summit POE switches are not powered up when the switches reboot

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TitleSiemens phones connected to Summit POE switches are not powered up when the switches reboot
Siemens phones connected to an X440 or X460 POE switches do not get sufficient power to power up intermittently during multiple reboots of the switch. 
sh inline-power info ports 3-5,7-12
Port  State           Class      Volts   Curr    Power     Fault
                                         (mA)   (Watts)
3     delivering      class2     55.6     63      3.500    None
4     delivering      class2     55.8     58      3.200    None
5     delivering      class2     55.4     64      3.500    None
7     delivering      class2     55.6     62      3.400    None
8     delivering      class2     55.8     62      3.400    None
9     delivering      class3     55.6    105      5.800    None
10    delivering      class2     55.6     59      3.200    None
11    delivering      class2     55.7     27      1.500    None --> Inline power is just 1.5 and hence this phone did not power up.

  • Summit X440-24p or X440-48p.
  • Summit X460-48p or Summit X460-24p
  • Model of IP phones used are OpenStage20 and OpenStage60 by Siemens
  • Upon investigation by the Engineering team, the issue has been identified to be with the Siemens phones.
  • At the time of the failure, we added additional load to the breakout cable between the switch and the Siemens phone. After reading the power information from the Extreme switch we see that the the POE module of the switch is now delivering 16W. The Siemens phone still did not power up. This indicated there is a failure with Siemens phone not drawing sufficient power while Extreme switch is ready to provide power if it is demanded. 

Disable inline-power and enable inline-power on the port in which the Siemens phone did not power up. 

disable inline-power port <>
enable inline-power port <>

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