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Slower File transfer across S-Series Bonds

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TitleSlower File transfer across S-Series Bonds
Slow performance issues observed when non-flooded unicast traffic had to cross bond (VSB) links.
If the DUTs were both attached to the same chassis no issues.
With DUTs attached to each chassis TCP transfer severely impacted, less impact on UDP.
Issue seen only with software VSB bonding, hardware VSB bonding not affected
VSB (software)
Firmware 8.42.03 or earlier

With CoreFlow-2 ASIC sometimes the hardware flows built-in need a refresh called "re-balancing", flow stats preserved.
A flag is passed to each application to let it know weather the stats where a result of a re-balancing act.
The chassis Bonding app did not check this flag, leading to some internal counters to go negative, thus traffic across VSB links will be soft-forwarded via the CPU leading to poor performance.
Upgrade to 8.42.04.xxxx or higher for the 8.4x firmware branch
Upgrade to 8.62.01.xxxx or higher for the 8.6x firmware branch
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