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Standby Management Module unable to enter Ready state

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TitleStandby Management Module unable to enter Ready state
Following error seen on Active Management Module console:
Error:update_standby_mp_image_info: num_lp_image_info (2663857) is larger than LP_IMAGE_TYPE_NUMBER (1)

Show module may return incorrect module type:
MLX#show module 
Module Status Ports Starting MAC 
M1 (upper):BR-MLX-MR2-32-M Management Module Active 
M2 (lower):NetIron XMR Management Module Standby(Reboot State)
Issue will be seen only when active MP is running with image version 6.2 or above, and a standby MP having image version 6.1 or below is inserted.
Option 1:

1. Enter MP OS mode
From SSH/Telnet enter Console
Remote connection to MP local port established
Press CTRL-X or type 'exit' to disconnect it
From Console use keystroke CTRL+Y M [Enter Key]
MP-1 OS>

2. Issue reset on Active MP
MP-1 OS>reset

3. New MP will then be able to boot and take over as Active MP, current Active MP will reload and come up as Standby

4. Chassis will come up on New MP running version 6.1 or below and can be updated via normal upgrade process

5. After upgrade is complete reload chassis and both MM should come up on same version.

Option 2:
Pre-requisite: You will need console access to both Management Modules. You will also need a TFTP server with correct code connected to the Standby Management Module's management port. 

1. You will need to remove the management interface from the Active Management Module configuration. This is required in order to allow connectivity to the Standby Management Module's management interface. 
NetIron MLX-4 Router(config)#no int man 1
NetIron MLX-4 Router(config)#int man 1
NetIron MLX-4 Router(config-if-mgmt-1)#disable
NetIron MLX-4 Router(config-if-mgmt-1)#end
NetIron MLX-4 Router#

2. Reboot Standby Management Module 
NetIron MLX-4 Router#reboot-standby

3. From the Standby console, type 'b' to break the boot sequence and enter monitor mode. 
NetIron XMR/MLX Boot Code Version 5.8.0
Enter 'a' to stop at memory test
Enter 'b' to stop at boot monitor
***** Interrupted by entering 'b' *****
4. From the Standby console, configure the Standby management interface IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
MP-2 Monitor>ip address
      IP address =
      IP subnet mask =
MP-2 Monitor>ip default-gateway
      IP default gateway =
MP-2 Monitor>show ip
      IP address      :
      subnet mask     :
      default gateway :
5. Download the application image, boot, and monitor from your TFTP server. This code should match what is being used by the Active Management Module.
MP-2 Monitor>copy tftp flash xmr#####.bin primary
MP-2 Monitor>copy tftp flash xmprm#####.bin boot
MP-2 Monitor>copy tftp flash xmb#####.bin monitor

6. Reload the Standby Management Module
MP-2 Monitor>reset 1
Additional notes
In version 6.2 and above code changes have been done to sync SSl Certificate files to Standby Management Module.
As part of this code change, the boot structure has been modified to include the SSl clients file. This boot structure is used to compare and sync the image files between active MP and standby MP.

As this boot structure is modified from version 6.2, this sync issue can occur when standby MP having lower version image is hot inserted.

This is a design limitation, and will not be fixed.  Customer's must use the workaround in order to resolve this issue



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