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Standby management module responding to ARP requests

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TitleStandby management module responding to ARP requests
This issue was recently seen in the field where aparticular MLX device would intermittently lose management access. After multiple tests, it was concluded that the problem was triggered by a device in a network generating broadcast arp traffic that was going to the standby management module and every once in a while, the standby MM would send arp replies causing management access loss.
Software Release: 5.4, 5.6
Fixed in Version: N/A
The issue is root caused as standby management module's NICdespite being admin down and protocol state down, is still responding to ARP requests. A DEFECTon standby MP's code was found and will be corrected in future maintenance releases of NetIron.The issue was seen on NI-MLX-MR and NI-XMR-MR management modules.
An internal Defect has been created to track this issue and will be fixed in upcoming Netiron maintenance releases of 6.1 and 6.0.0b
Additional notes
At this point, there is no known workaround for this issue.



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