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Summit PoE failure and switch pass extended diagnostic

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TitleSummit PoE failure and switch pass extended diagnostic
PoE ports not delivering power
Extended diagnostic pass

440-48p-10G.1 # show diagnostics 
Last Test Date: Nov-13-2014   Last Test Version:       5.10
Summary: Diagnostics Pass

Port State enabled
Link State ready

X440-48p-10G.3 # show ports no-refresh 

Port Summary
Port  Display         VLAN Name          Port  Link  Speed  Duplex
#     String          (or # VLANs)       State State Actual Actual
48                    Default             E     R          

Inline-power port state disabled
Inline-power Volts another than 0.0 
Inline-power Currents more than 0.0 

X440-48p-10G.23 # show inline-power info ports 48
Port  State           Class      Volts   Curr    Power     Fault
                                         (mA)   (Watts)
48    disabled        ------     1367.4    60062      0.0      None

In regular cases PoE delivering values are about 56 Volts and 0.1-500 mA

  • ExtremeSwitching PoE capable
PoE failure by internal short circuit
  • Use commands:
    • ​​run diagnostic extended
    • show ports no-refresh
    • show inline-power info ports <PORT_#>
  • RMA required Submit RMA 

For more info on RMA process see:
Submit RMA via New Support Portal

Return Material Authorization RMA Process and FAQ
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