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Summit X440-G2 fans show as failed

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TitleSummit X440-G2 fans show as failed
Fans on the Summit X440-G2-12p and X440-G2-12t show as failed. 

CLI Output:
X440-G2-12t # show fans 

FanTray information:
State:                  Operational
NumFan:                 2
Fan-1:                  Failed at 0 RPM
Fan-2:                  Failed at 0 RPM

ExtremeCloud status:
Failed fans in ExtremeCloud
  • Summit X440-G2-12p
  • Summit X440-G2-12t
  • EXOS and earlier
  • ExtremeCloud 3.11 and earlier
Note that this affects both switches managed via ExtremeCloud and switches that are independently managed.
    On the 12 port versions of the X440-G2, normal operation has the fans shut off if the CPU temperature is below 90C. When the fans are shut off, the switch incorrectly reports them as failed.
    This is fixed via CR xos0064964. This will be included in the following EXOS releases:
    • EXOS 22.1.1
    • EXOS 21.1.2
    • EXOS 22.2.1
    For switches managed via ExtremeCloud, this will be fixed with ExtremeCloud version 3.21.
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