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EXOS image corruption

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TitleEXOS image corruption
Switch fails to fully initialize and reboots with no error message OR the switch may to fail to initialize and display the error "mmc_set_blocklen: Error setting block length to 512"
  • Summit
  • EXOS
  • Boot looping
  • Image is corrupted

Recover the switch with the alternate image: 
  1. Reboot the switch by unplugging the power and plugging it back in
  2. Press and hold the <spacebar> button while the switch is booting up to enter the Bootrom menu
  3. Select the image that is currently not used by typing the command "boot 1" or "boot 2"
  4. Verify that you are able to boot to the alternate image
  5. Reinstall or upgrade the EXOS image on the partition that the image is corrupted on
If the above steps prove unsuccessful, see the following articles below and choose one depending on the platform for the steps for installing a recovery image from Bootrom. Please note that this will erase all data on the switch:
If still not able to recover, contact Extreme Networks GTAC for further assistance.
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