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Switch gets into reboot loop if configured SSH private key length is different from EEPROM

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TitleSwitch gets into reboot loop if configured SSH private key length is different from EEPROM
Switch gets into reboot loop:
Loading OS Image ... 
Running Image ...
Starting ExtremeXOS 21.1.3b7
Copyright (C) 1996-2016 Extreme Networks.  All rights reserved.
This product is protected by one or more US patents listed at along with their foreign counterparts.
(pending-AAA) login: 
Authentication Service (AAA) on the master node is now available for login.
Enter passphrase: load failed
Disabling protocProcess exsshd pid 2084 died with signal 11
ol version 2. Co
uld not load hos55563074  8e020000 t key
sshd: nolw     v0,0(s0)
sll    s6,s7,0x255563078  0017b080 ble -- exiting.
5556307c  00561021 addu   v0,v0,s6
55563080 <8c440000>lw     a0,0(v0)
55563084  1091000f beq    a0,s1,0x555630c4
55563088  8f99909c lw     t9,-28516(gp)
5556308c  0320f809 jalr   t9
55563090  00000000 nop
55563094  8fc40000 lw     a0,0(s8)
Sending SIGKILL to all processes
Requesting system reboot
Extreme Networks
Alternate BootStrap Image
Starting CRC of Default image
Using Default image ... 
Extreme Networks
Default BootLoader Image
Press and hold the <spacebar> to enter the bootrom.

  • EXOS 16.2 & EXOS 21.3.7
  • Summit all
  • SSH
Switch can go into reboot loop if the length of configured SSH private key is different from the actual key stored in EEPROM. This can happen when you attempt to configure an invalid key or when loading a .cfg file containing an SSH private key from another switch onto a new switch with default setting.To recover, at the console prompt, halt the image loading operation at the bootrom prompt, and then execute config none to bypass loading the configuration file containing the invalid or incorrect SSH private key.

Upgrade to EXOS where CR#xos0064864 is fixed.
Additional notes
Workaround: If you want to use a backup configuration (.cfg) file containing an SSH private key from a different switch, then open the configuration file in any editor and remove the exos-module-exssh configuration lines. Use this edited configuration file for loading onto
the new switch, and then enable SSH.



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