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Switch in Summit Stack Failed with Conduit Receive Error

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TitleSwitch in Summit Stack Failed with Conduit Receive Error
Switch in 2 node stack failed unexpectedly

"<Warn:DM.Warning> Slot-2: Slot-1 FAILED (1) Conduit receive error encountered"
"<Warn:DM.Warning> Slot-2: System Error 0: Conduit receive error encountered"
  • Summit: All
  • EXOS: All
Conduits are like TCP pipes in which the data bits travel through from one switch to another.  When conduit errors are encountered, there is a problem with communication across this pipe, (stacking cables). 
  1. Reseat the stacking cable. 
  2. If that does not resolve the issue, replace the stacking cable. 
  3. If this is unsuccessful and there are "removable" modules in the switch, reseat these as well.
Additional notes
If the conduit error results in a dual-master state, it will be necessary to reboot in order to initiate a new master election.

If the switch stack is still receiving conduit receive errors it may be necessary to run diagnostics on the stack ports.  (See link below)
How to run diagnostics on native stack ports



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