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Switch is not showing port information in NAC

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TitleSwitch is not showing port information in NAC
  • When viewing the End System information that switch port is not displayed.
  • The Switch in question also shows lost contact within the NAC appliance webview > Status > Switches/Routers screen.
  • SNMP debug shows the following in the log for the NAC appliance:  
2019-08-21 10:23:20,470 WARN [SnmpManager] Recieved Authentication Failure: SNMP_V3_NOT_IN_TIME_WINDOW(1411) from device: with message: org.snmp4j.asn1.BERInputStream@77e4656a 

2019-08-21 10:23:20,470 WARN [SnmpManager] Device with IP has duplicate SNMP Engine ID: 80:00:07:7c:03:00:05:a3:c0:b7:6d - ID already assigned to

  • Extreme Management Center
  • NAC Manager
  • Extreme Access Control
  • Summit
One switch was added with the same SNMP information as another switch, which also included the snmp engine-ID
1.  On the switches enter the following to commands:  show snmpv3 engine-info and  show switch

Sample output:

show snmpv3 engine-info 
SNMP Engine-ID : 80:00:07:7c:03:00:0c:29:46:98:dd 'H' 
SNMP Engine Boots : 63 
SNMP Engine Time : 331424 
SNMP Max. Message Size : 8192

show switch
SysName: EXOS-VM 
SysContact:, +1 
System MAC: 00:0C:29:46:98:DD 

You will notice that the system MAC address is used as part of the SNMP Engine-ID. In the above example there is a line in the snmp portion of the config for:   configure snmpv3 engine-id 03:00:0c:29:46:98:dd 

2.  On the switch where these entries do no match, issue the command (note the 03 at the start of the engine-ID):  
configure snmpv3 engine-id 03:<the MAC address of the switch>

This will remove the 'configure snmpv3 add user' line from the config. You will need to add that back in so that it uses the new engine-ID.  For example:

configure snmpv3 add user snmpuser authentication md5 <authpassword> privacy des <privpassword>

3.  Restart the snmpMaster + snmpSubAgent processes on the switch:
How do I restart the snmp process? there is snmpmaster and snmpsubagent

4.  In the NAC appliance webview > Status > Switches/Routers screen click the Clear button under the Cached Data column for that switch.
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