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Switch stops transmitting CPU generated packets

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TitleSwitch stops transmitting CPU generated packets
  • All CPU generated packets will not be transmitted
  • Any protocols in use by the switch will be affected (LACP, LLDP, EDP, EAPS, STP, etc)
  • Any traffic sourced to the switch (SSH, telnet, SNMP, ping, etc) will not receive a response
  • The switch will not be able to resolve new ARP entries, as ARP requests from the switch will not be forwarded
Note that if this is a switch with multiple switch fabric units, only one unit may be affected. However, it is possible for both to be affected as well. The out of band management port should not be affected.
  • EXOS 15.1 and higher
  • High amounts of slowpath forwarded traffic
Due to a bug in handling slowpath traffic, it is possible for the CPU queue used for sending traffic to the switch fabric chip to become permanently hung.
As a workaround, a reboot will resolve the issue.

A permanent fix is available via CR xos0066759. This fix is included in EXOS 22.2, EXOS 21.1.3, and will be included in the February 2017 patch of EXOS 16.2.2.
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