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Switch stuck pending AAA but REBOOT AS MASTER-CAPABLE is not working

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TitleSwitch stuck pending AAA but REBOOT AS MASTER-CAPABLE is not working
Switch got stuck in Pending AAA Authentication but "REBOOT AS MASTER-CAPABLE" special login is not working
  • EXOS All
  • Summit Stackable series
The special login ID "REBOOT AS MASTER-CAPABLE" is available only if all the following conditions are met:

• The node supports the SummitStack feature.
• Stacking mode is active on the node.
• All nodes in the active topology have master-capability turned off.
• There is no master node in the active topology.

The Pending AAA special login wont work in these situations:
  • When loading a primary.cfg or config.xsf taken from a switch that does not match this switch hardware.  The special log in is not applicable for this since there will be a mismatch due to the slot type and the switch will be in a stack failed state.
  • Software mismatch -  Failed Slot - Firmware Mismatch
please use the recovery steps mentioned in the below article.  Note: this will remove all configuration, and files from your switch.

How to Use the BootROM Menu to Download and Install a New Image to the Switch
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