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TS-524 DSL Linked but CPEs do not come online

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TitleTS-524 DSL Linked but CPEs do not come online
  • T5 output of "show interface dsl status" shows linked
  • T5 output of "sho cpe boot" shows empty
  • Radios do not come up 
  • T5 PowerBroadband Switch
  • TS-524
  • TS-0524
  • PBN
  • Private Broadband Networks
  • T5 Switch
  • TW-522
  • TW-511
  • TW-510
  • T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2
Missing T5 to CPE management VLAN membership on DSL ports  
By default, the T5 uses VLAN 4090 to communicate with the CPEs.
To see the VLAN being used for management communication, view this command in the T5 configuration: 
cpe address vlan 4090 range-start range-end

The DSL ports must be configured to Trunk and must be members of the VLAN specified in the cpe address configuration.  To add VLAN 4090 membership to the DSL ports, use these commands:
int dsl1-24 switchport mode trunk
int dsl1-24 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 4090
write mem

If using a different VLAN for the CPE addressing, change the command above to match the correct VLAN.
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