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Table full message on netlogin authentication

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TitleTable full message on netlogin authentication
When a mac-address is authenticated a table full message is logged and the mac user is cleared immediately.
  • Netlogin
  • EXOS
This is caused by a bug. This problem happens when a mac-address is authenticated and then is learned on another port that does not do netlogin. This could happen if for example the mac-authenticated used is learned on an uplink, for example when a mobile user roams to another AP connected to another switch. When this happen the mac-address is not removed from an internal table which could fill up over time.
The following log entries will show.
09/10/2016 18:16:53.54 <Info:nl.ClientFdbDel> : Network Login user 001122334455 cleared by FDB deletion, Mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 port 24 VLAN(s) "vlanclients"
09/10/2016 18:16:53.53 <Warn:HAL.FDB.MacVlanAddFail> : MAC-based VLAN entry 00:11:22:33:44:55 vlan 1426 addition to port 24 failed, Table full
09/10/2016 18:16:53.50 <Info:nl.ClientAuthenticated> : Network Login MAC user 001122334455 logged in MAC 00:11:22:33:44:55 port 24 VLAN(s) "vlanclients", authentication Locally

Clear fdb will clear the table and resolve it until the table is filled again.
The bug is known as CR xos0065648 and will be fixed in every EXOS release or patch released after November 2016. Check the release notes for this CR.
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