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Traffic loss and bcmDPC process running high

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TitleTraffic loss and bcmDPC process running high
Traffic loss is observed that cannot be explained by other causes and the bcmDPC process can be seen running high in the output of the "top" command.
  • Summit series all
  • BlackDiamond series all
  • EXOS versions prior to
This issue is caused by L3 parity errors as described in PD4-4490184741. The bcmDPC is responsible for reporting messages to the shell. Whenever there is a parity error in the L2/L3 table received this process reports this information. These errors are continuously coming in therefore overloading the process and possibly causing the errors listed above.
This issue can be resolved by upgrading to one of the fixed versions:
  • EXOS and later patches
  • EXOS 15.3.2
  • EXOS and later patches
  • EXOS 15.3.4
  • EXOS and later patches
  • EXOS 15.5.1
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